I had a thought:
I want to keep a bird
No, I want to meet a bird
Better yet, know him

I don’t want to buy a cage
look up information on pellets
fret over finding an avian vet
I only want to see a flutter
of subtle colors
And know I was in the company
of an old friend
like hearing a familiar laugh
or an identifiable way
a dear one might kick off her shoes
as she let herself in
through my front door

I want to sit in my garden
blueberries ripening in the sun
And hear
my friend
make a noise
not from his cage
and that doesn’t send me to the internet
asking strangers if they figured he was in pain

Just a sound
to know
he’s around
Life is real
And the world is
really good


… life has been really tough, these last couple of weeks. I’m very grateful, and over indulgent, of good thoughts that bubble past the rest.

A Wish
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