Happy one week!

Today I posted a normal temperature for the first time! Hooray 98.7! Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture and when I went to take my temperature for the night, I posted 101.1 at 8 hours unmedicated. I did half think I would still have a normal range temperature that I could brag about (yes, it’s the little things), but it was sheer hubris.

Regardless, today I manage to get our dogs seen by the vet in preparation for their first international trip (and we humans’, in decades!) so I’m happy to check that off the list. Also quite excited for this upcoming trip, despite all the hoops it had us jumping through.

Tomorrow I’m hopeful for a little more energy, and I hope to knock some chores off of my to do list, which will invariably make me feel a little better about the state of things.

Onwards, kitty kats!

365 Days of Gratitude: Day 7, on the mend!
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