Edit: I fell off the wagon (asleep) on day 8, which is pretty embarrassing. In my defense since the boy is also sick I wasn’t going to clickity clack on my bright screen and compromise his rest (also I fell asleep before him, but anyway). My own cough woke me up and I tried valiantly to make the following, which I will finish now.


Here I am nearly missing (totally fudging) my deadline again, for shame.

Truthfully I wasn’t feeling particularly grateful. I’ve been sick for an entire week, and yesterday the boy succumbed to my ickies. Queue double the misery ’round here. But guess what, this is the time to go back to basics. Honestly I write this as I’m intermittently coughing so hard it makes me sneeze/dry-heave (? is this okay? are any doctors reading this lol), so it’s far from a pretty picture here. But the point of practicing gratitude everyday is that we don’t just feel grateful when we feel on top of the world. Feeling grateful on days like this takes away from the time I’d otherwise spend being down and stressed.

Plus, I’ve been having a grand old time watching ALL of the Gourmet Makes. I am damn grateful the brave and bright Clarie Saffitz have conquered so many fearsome culinary waters for us. She’s an honest to goodness hero.


Just gotta sit tight for the end of illness ahead. I’m undoubtedly on the mend, so why fret? And, only one week until Anguilla! I haven’t left the country in 18 years. This trip is so long overdue, excited is an understatement. What’s the use in looking back? I’m gonna be on my feet again! Onward!

365 Days of Gratitude: Day 8, at the last hour (of PST)
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