For my birthday last month the boy gifted me a limited edition Where The Wild Things Are backpack from Taiwan. It is 1 of 50 signed by Maurice Sendak in 1980.

He also got me a WTWTA Max onesie that’s what the crown is for lol
Here’s a close up of the signature.

Where The Wild Things Are was my favorite book growing up.

You can’t see the title of the book, but this is how pumped I was reading my fave

My dad spent a whole day finding that picture for me. In other VERY exciting news, Mini has joined the ranks here as a guest blogger/hopefully long-term feature! Click here to check out her first post. The clan is coming together, yo. Stay tuned for new bios, which she and I will pen in the near future!

365 Days of Gratitude: Where the Wild Things Are.