Mini Wise Money’s dad gave her a flight lesson (and more to come) as her return from China trip present. I was honorably chosen to be her passenger while her dad, her grandpa, and our dog Lola observed from the ground.
While up in the air, watching my 8 year old flying a plane with the instructor by her side (yes she did the whole flying from takeoff to landing), I realized several things about money, about life in general.

IMG_39951.       It is never enough.
Up in the sky, the mansions with acreage of land look puny. Part of me feel the huger, the greed bubbling, the desire to possess more and to label more things as mine. How great would it be to buy Mini a $350k plane of her own?
2.       It is always enough.
As her plane took us close to the mountains, I marveled at its grandeur and beauty, unrivaled by the most luxurious man-made structure on earth I’ve ever seen. I realized that if I am aware of the beauty surrounding me, the feeling of abundance is always present, whether I own more or less.


3.       Sky is the limit.
The human mind is an incredible processing machine. Her very first flight lesson, Mini went from timid to adventurous, testing the boundaries of her skills and knowledge. It was beautiful to watch her mind open and blossom in front of me. Sky is the limit, the lesson we wanted to impart and instill in Mini with all that we’ve provided her seems to sink in literally and figuratively for her today.

4.       Experience matters so much more than stuff.
To me, this experience of being the passenger to my 8-year-old flight captain was priceless. I can see, to her as well. Her joy, excitement, and intrigue lasted much longer than all the stuff/presents she has gotten which frequently are more expensive than this first 2-hour flight lesson.

5.       Pick our battle; victory is ours.
Sure, we have turned down Mini’s request to buy and keep a pony. She gets weekly horse-back riding lessons. We did not throw her a carnivore theme $1000 birthday party. We picked our battle, maxed out 23.5k of Roth investment, 14k of her 529, and this year adding her 5.5k of Roth IRA while supporting Mini to dabble in activities and experiences to expand her mind and her horizon.
6.       In spite of how expensive children are, they truly are the greatest joy one could experience.
Mini herself said to me, “Mommy, you would have been a millionaire already if it weren’t for me. I’m going to have dogs instead of children. Kids are too expensive and they talk back.” As I responded to her, “I would not trade the whole world’s treasure for not being her mom one day.”
Kids are more than someone who could potentially live our dreams, it’s even more marvelous to watch them develop and fulfill their own dreams.

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6 $ Insights from My Kid’s Flying Lesson