Life is a trajectory.

Wealth or poverty could be a lifelong or even multi-generational directional evolution. We are each journeying in the direction of greater or less wealth. Instead of comparing with one another, it’s helpful to see where we are moving towards, respective to our current financial snapshot.

It’s not news to see riches from rags or great wealth squandered away. There are some traits one could reflect upon what makes the difference between one heading for the positive or negative direction.

  1. Substance vs. appearance.

The wealthy focuses on substance; the wealthy-want-to-be focus on appearance.

  1. Service vs. profit.

The wealthy focus on service; the wealthy-want-to-be focus on profit.

  1. Create vs. consume.

The wealthy create; the wealthy-want-to-be consume. Creating with the mind sharpens us. Consuming passive entertainment rots our brain. Creating jobs, opportunities, service, or products increase wealth; consuming depreciating assets and purchasing on credit (with interest rate not justifying the purchase) deepens poverty. Consuming fast food, easy outside solutions causes poor physical and financial health.

  1. Learning vs. earning.

The wealthy works to learn; the wealthy-want-to-be works to earn.

  1. Who do you pay first?

The wealthy pay themselves first, in the form of investing in producing and appreciating asset. The wealthy-want-to-be purchase consumables, depreciating assets, or even liabilities for themselves first before investing for their future.

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5 Traits Separating the Wealthy from the Wealthy-want-to-be