Mini Wise Money requests to switch to Basis Tucson Primary. I was surprised because her friends at Sunrise Drive told Mini how much work and how little fun Basis is all about. I asked Mini, “are you sure, don’t you want to have more time to play or do artsy stuff? There’s more homework and fewer choices for after-school activities at Basis.”
With certainty, Mini replied, “kids at my school are not serious about learning; the teacher had to slow down to keep them in control. I want more challenges in math.”
So here we are, getting ready for a big transition. New school. Here are some things Mini and I learned about getting most for your money back to school.

1.       Make a list first. Don’t shop year round. Don’t shop for fun. Shop with a purpose.


2.       De-clutter first. What are your chances in getting your kid to clean his/her room after coming home with all the new goodies? Mini happily cleaned up all of her drawers, closet, and dressers; we got bags and bags of wonderful clothes and shoes to share with our friends’ kids. She was cheerful when she cleaned her room, filled with the anticipation to acquire new clothes she likes for those thinned closet and drawers.IMG_4149

3.       There is a semi-annual sales at GAP and other clothing retail stores right before school starts. This year, Mini and I caught the tail end and got incredible deals (July 24th 2016 was the last day.) Our loot included 8 tops, and 4 bottoms all for the incredible price of $50.

4.       Great sales at shoe stores such as Aldo, 50% off nearly ½ of the shoes on display. The steep discounts as are as good as those given out on Black Fridays and after yearend holidays. Mini got 2 pairs of gorgeous shoes for 50-56% off. She realized how much more she could get if she buys at the right time. For $60, she got 2 incredible pair shoes, one dress shoes, one sandals, compared to her full price $72 Ann Taylor silver flip flops. Mini’s determined from now on to never purchase anything full price.IMG_4148

5.       School supply goes on sale before school starts, but the prices get even better right after school starts. So if you can hold off, don’t buy it at the end of summer vacation. Buy it a week or 2 after school starts. Mini was so happy with clothing/shoe trophies totaling $130 that she could care less about not having boxes of pencils/pens/paper on the 1st day of school. We have plenty of supply at home anyways. We will check with her teacher and find out exactly what she prefers, frequently teachers have specific request on school supplies quite different from the general school supply list sent out per grade.IMG_4150

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5 Tips for Back to School Shopping  
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