Have you gals and guys seen the fun little intro DWM set up for me yet?

It seems that she has promised you all class & style + deals & sales. I almost hesitate to say this but I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to deliver in any spectacular manner (DWM has a rather dorky and very kind history of overselling me).

What I would like to do is have genuine and straightforward conversations about my number one obsession, past-time (why doesn’t that sound any better?!)– online shopping. We’ll probably talk about food and traveling quite a bit as well; those are also fun things I enjoy. Besides these, I spend my time looking after my animals and reading books.

Here’s one of them looking pretty well looked after, I hope.

That’s the pup, Abigail, and this is the book I’m currently reading. (Clever youse will notice that’s a DWM Amazon affiliate link, heyy!)

That’s about it for now, I think?

Courtesy of the Erudite Baboon
Courtesy of the Erudite Baboon

I’m sure I’m doing this right (right?)

Oh, and, of course

Obligatory Cat Tax.
Obligatory Cat Tax.

See you all next week!

PS. Want a fun behind the scenes look?

First there was the birth of my Wise Money crew name.

Wise Money Shopper
Here I use the one simple trick of adding “lol” to the end of my statement to disguise the fact that I am being an obnoxious stickler about the use of made-up words

Which led to this realization on my part

DWM & Crew
I saved my own sister as DWM on my phone! Aren’t I a riot?

Truth talk though, rappers named after money feels so ubiquitous to me I was genuinely disappointed to find out there wasn’t a somewhat exhaustive master list on Wikipedia.

I found this though, which kind of supports my point
I found this though, so at least it’s definitely a thing.

‘Til next week, then!

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