A Wish

I had a thought:
I want to keep a bird
No, I want to meet a bird
Better yet, know him

I don’t want to buy a cage
look up information on pellets
fret over finding an avian vet
I only want to see a flutter
of subtle colors
And know I was in the company
of an old friend
like hearing a familiar laugh
or an identifiable way
a dear one might kick off her shoes
as she let herself in
through my front door

I want to sit in my garden
blueberries ripening in the sun
And hear
my friend
make a noise
not from his cage
and that doesn’t send me to the internet
asking strangers if they figured he was in pain

Just a sound
to know
he’s around
Life is real
And the world is
really good


… life has been really tough, these last couple of weeks. I’m very grateful, and over indulgent, of good thoughts that bubble past the rest.


A long time ago I read a haiku:


is a five syllable word

happy accident

And last night I finally came up with my own part II:


is a five syllable word

mere coincidence

Anyway that’s it, that’s the whole post. A lot has been going on so I’m just doing the best I can to get by and get through. Be back soon I hope.

Black Friday Blackout!!!

So, this is pretty antithetical to my old role (sale finder!) when this blog was still under Amanda’s helm, but today, after many of us have given our thanks yesterday no less, I would like to urge any readers out there to boycott Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Here are some links regarding going-ons in the world:

Black Friday Blackout on WTRF

Amazon workers in 20 countries will strike or protest from Business Insider

Black Friday Protests Are Staged Against Amazon on Forbes

And, if you’re wondering why consumer solidarity is necessary, consider that:

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