I have realized that
No, losing you would not be
like losing the sun
I already know
that the world and of course even I would go on
It would not be like losing air
I would not simply drown

Might it be like losing the rain
Every spear of summer grass a memory
What if everything of substance and value
could remain
But nothing bloomed again
& green only goes to seed unceremoniously

The world would not disappear, I know
It wouldn’t even lose all its colors
Might though
One lonely hue cease to be
Instantaneously absorbed into other descriptions, other perceptions
Could some understanding never stand out again
Some conclusions never be reached again
Some meaning always bled into other intentions, other definedness

I think some doors must shut forever
If you were gone from me
For one thing I just can’t hear myself laugh
the way you make me laugh
I think of the places we have been
& those I know would all remain
But I can see a door closing
to be wiped from reach
After all, we just can’t go home again

After 10 Years Together
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