About me,
I once wrote
the animal that I am
cannot shed teeth
as even snakes will only
part with old skin

I have, too, read
about how no one owns
the hearts of birds
and like that
saw myself
far up in the sky
about vanishing from sight

about you,
I have said in my vows
that the one thing you are
more than good
Is true
that you had stayed standing
so I could lean on you
You stayed
standing, so I could get up again

It took two more years
& the most ordinary
and unusual challenges
before I
put two and two together

And realized that
of course I am an animal
and undoubtedly I have long been feral
but every wild heartbeat
has a home
When darkness begins to climb the walls of the hills
even on all fours
footsteps fall
on the way
to where they belong

The place you made for me
is where I sleep easily
Who you are for me
is the one to tell my dreams to
in the morning

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