Yesterday the saga came to a conclusion. Here is part one and part two of the snail’s pace progress I made over the last few weeks. I didn’t work on it over the weekend.

Instead Saturday we went to see this show

It actually says Cambodian Rock Band, but, no spoiler, rock BAN is fitting as well. It was a glorious, phenomenal show. Jane Lui, a musician who we were so honored to have perform at our wedding, actually stars in it, which is how we learned about it in the first place.

You can catch Cambodian Rock Band at the Signature Theater in midtown, and Jane’s newest album arrives in April. Her single, Barcelona, is out now.

On Sunday we had a potluck dinner party and our friend took the following pictures

We had some birthday whisky
I made mapo tofu

Funny story, the boy was supposed to make mapo tofu but when I found out he used corn starch to thicken the sauce instead of spicy fermented bean sauce I had to ban him & take over.


So he took up cake duty, but it was a William Sonoma box mix so, you know, IJS…


In addition to cooking all the Indian food on the table, our good friend took this excellent picture too

In the end I think I had too much fun over the weekend so the home improvement gods punished me for my excess.



I was short on supplies again, somehow, after many trips to the hardware store, and this was the final product I was able to come up with

I couldn’t build my stand out the way I had drawn it. The wheels were VERY difficult to screw on, and I snapped a wheel brake into my hand, shattering all good feelings I previously held towards this project.


I found these pet safe friends during my last trudge to the hardware store

Last night, the boy sensed my great and mounting distress over this monstrosity and valiantly stepped in to help me complete the horrible undertaking.


But once the stand was completed, all the plants had to be moved out of the way
Finally we come to our journey’s end, for now

I was supposed to affix fabric to the top right shelf so I can hang my (currently wall mounted) ferns in their new snug as a bug kodekama setups. But of course that hasn’t happened yet.

Oh and don’t worry about Mr. Foxtail over on the left hogging all the light from the southern exposure. He actually belongs outside. I made the mistake of re-potting him in the winter so now I have to keep him inside so he can recover from that insult in friendlier surrounds.

Moral of the story? Plant stands, don’t try it at home, kids.

Plant Stand Part 3 of 3!!!
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