Well squirrel friends, it’s almost the end of another year. I was hoping I’d get some fall plantings done, but I missed the window to start seedlings indoors, so I’ll just have to appreciate what spring and summer had given me, which was plenty!

In the skinny planter on the table, I’d started some goji from seed. I got my seeds from the regular dried goji at the grocery store, and they were very robust/had a great germination rate! Better than from a seed packet I’d purchased the year before. By the dog potty are daylilies and pampas grass.
Up on the trellis I have a mystery squash type. It gave edible blossoms most of the season, but never made fruit so I can’t really tell what it is/was! It’s sandwiched by fruit trees and a big o’ mess of thyme. Behind the gorgeous canna are some volunteer peppers from the compost.
On this side we have basil, beets, calendula, canna, lavender, nasturtium, sage, sesame (already harvested), strawberry, and tomatoes. All of which were grown from seed.
A box of my alpine mignonette strawberries, fig and polar berry behind it, and an evergreen in the corner. Plus a peek at my row of yam leaves.
And here’s the full yam row with epazote, ice plant, pineapple & tomatoes towards the back.
These peperomia obtusifolia were from a single plant I’d bought years ago. They propagate easily!
I had to trim this kangaroo fern that lives by my bathtub. One time it grazed my back as I was getting into the tub & I almost died.
Here’s a Worry Lines comic that explains why the fascination with growing green things in and around the house.
Plant Appreciation Post: End of the Growing Season!
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