Y’all already know this but I’ve organized my craft supplies at long last.

I also cleaned my entire fridge.

Beer, hot sauce and meal prep are the three major food groups in this house.

I cleaned every single drawer in the house, spread over days (bathrooms, kitchen, and then furniture).

I mended my cat’s bed after it exploded in the washer.

Not gonna lie, pre-quarantine me would’ve thrown this out due to sheer laziness!

I rearranged my roof deck furniture to make room for a mini food garden.

I hauled all of this up 5 flights of stairs lol
And here is this season’s new pole bean corner

I see my friends and family on video chat. I’m still updating my list of helpers (and the not-so-helpfuls) here on the blog. Check out this week’s new additions.

But you know what else I’ve done? I’ve had days where I did nothing but a few pages of sudoku. I’ve slept too much during the day. I’ve cried. I’ve felt angry, scared, and tired. Because that’s just how life goes, quarantine or not, some days we feel more helpless and paralyzed than others. But I’ll tell you what I’m not going to do: I won’t beat myself up over unproductive days. 

Friendly reminder:

photo credit: reddit.com
I’m having the quaran-time of my life!
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