Remember when I sketched a lot of plant stand configurations trying to optimize my plant storage?

As of today, construction has begun.

Yesterday I went and got myself supplies

It took no joke eons to get someone to cut this 12ft plank down to the lengths I needed.

So before I left I also bought myself a consolation prize

Then I took the rest of the day off.

Even though I don’t have all my materials yet, I went ahead and got started

Pretty soon I made my first mistake

It was actually my second but I didn’t take a picture of my first because I didn’t want to neg myself like that.

But I got back on track

This was all I could do pending the arrival of missing supplies
I used my diagram to keep track of the progress I made

All in all, not bad for two hours of work and hand tools only. Stay tuned for the final update when I finish!

Plant Stand Part 2 of 3!
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