For months now, maybe even close to a year, I’ve been gently nudging Mini to post some of her really wonderful poetry on here (don’t worry, she’s fairly compensated!) but she’s understandably shy & rather busy too. So I thought why don’t I take the first plunge and stop being a hypocrite. I am in fact going to be a plagiarist and also title this, in Mini’s style,


Some Sort of Poem

for some reason

I am afraid

someday it might be like

I’ve just imagined you

all along


we’re all familiar

with the old adage

that you die a second death

when someone utters

your name

one final time


What of the living?

Do we all

lose you again?

When we forget

When we might not even


that we’ve said what

made us think of you

one last time


meaning to


if our voices were

so powerful

that we could

(even unknowingly)

deliver you into oblivion

why have I not

been able to

speak you

into existence.


Trying Something New
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