We were hit by malware!

I can’t explain what that means because I have no idea. August has been a wild ride. At the end of July, I noticed some texts missing from our lovely content contributor, Christina(‘s), posts here. I actually had her manually reload those in (the poor woman), because I had no idea of the troubles ahead of us. Mere days later, more bad news.

The whole website was down! This used to be called the WordPress white screen of death! And as far as I can tell, it’s now called “it used to be called the WordPress White Screen of Death”! But I digress.

Now, nearly a whole month and 900 whoopin’ dollahs later, we’re back. Thanks, everyone. (Shout out to Nenad, Robert O., Gurpreet, Goran, Pavle, and Brian B.)

Regular programming to resume shortly.

Happy Friday!

Away from Desk for a Month!

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