One thing I struggle with writing here in general, but that has now been highlighted for me as I’m writing everyday, is staying in the tone of as if I’m speaking out loud. I don’t talk much, and it does not come naturally.

That discomfort creates a barrier to the exercise of finding some little thing to have gratitude for everyday. It makes it less likely I’ll succeed. A part of me thinks I have made a mistake in selecting a vehicle for the exercise. If the “out loud” part feels forced and inauthentic, then it’s the wrong fit for the objective? Wouldn’t ‘365 days of gratitude’ be better practiced in meditation or private journaling?

I don’t have an answer, but I don’t have to have one. Today my cat pooped in his carrier on the way home from New York. I spent the morning washing him and his carrier. But I’m grateful he has never done this before in his 14 1/2 years. It’s all about perspective!

And he bleps
365 Days of Gratitude: Day 12, having second thoughts.
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