Well, looky here, my our this blog’s 300th post!

I ain’t lyin’! Also, yes, I did edit down the number of exclamation marks

I have been extraordinarily busy and very absent on this blog, but we still made it to 300! I don’t have any of the more time-consuming serial posts ready yet, so this is just a boring plants update that I’m personally super excited about, because I’m a boring person.

Remember this wall guy? You wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t have a picture to back it up, but he’s even more glorious now

Just look at him go. He’s living his best life!

I also recently purchased some new quiet time friends. I have 3 terrariums that were sitting empty because I’m a serial tiny fern killer. (I feel bad even just saying it. It’s the only plants I couldn’t keep alive, I swear!) I have, however, worked out a new solution for this problem that I deduced was due to lack of moisture in the air where the terrariums used to sit. So when I had an afternoon free I visited a nursery near me.

But not just any nursery! I went to a local nonprofit here in Philadelphia called Greensgrow! Greensgrow Farms works to promote urban green spaces and help city dwellers grow their own food. They hosts workshops such as how to create a visually pleasing, viable container (window boxes rule the land here) and what to plant to help out nature’s pollinators.

their selection of planters
some of their plants for sale

Due to their smaller selection, I was only able to find two terrarium friends. But I couldn’t leave behind this gorgeous milky Nephthytis so I came home with three plants.

Yes, I keep a dog bed and harness tethers in my 0-60 in many, many seconds, all wheel drive, top safety pick crossover vehicle. I’m a soccer mom of dogs after all.

Please note that Nephthytis is TOXIC to cats, dogs and horses. I use the ASPCA’s handy guide to research all the plants I want. This was an impulse purchase, and I had to reorganize my plant guest room to accommodate it. It is the only plant I own that is not pet safe, and she lives on a high shelf now, out of reach of my “munch first, vomit later” mutt.

unrelated but this also happened while I was away in CA and I’m glad she’s happy

I have other, other great news! DWM is getting its first writer/contributor! Her name is Christina and she helms BuenQamino, a gluten-free, dairy-free, autoimmune friendly travel blog. We met at community college and later transferred to the same university. I’m very excited to have her on board; it’s about time we get some quality content on here 😉

Happy Sunday everyone and happy 300th post to me!

300th Post! YES it’s about PLANTS!
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