“I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history.

That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience.

That laughter is the only cure for grief.

And I believe that love is stronger than death.”
Robert Fulghum, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

I always feel grateful to have my 8 year old daughter, Mini Wise Money in my life. She has taught me more about myself, life and my purpose in life than I would have learned without the privilege of being her mother. Seeing the world though Mini’s eyes, albeit merely occasionally due to the constant distractions and faulty assumptions I’ve acquired through my own life, has made me a much better & more joyful person.

Mini has always demonstrated a loving & sharing nature. This is Mini feeding her grandma when she was 6 months old.


Mini Wise Money said: “Told you I was gonna take care of you when you are old, mommy.”

–4 year old MWM said to DWM, while massaging shoulders of her weary MS4 mother who just returned home from multiple residency interviews across the country.

Dr. Wise Money learned: Kids are wonderful investment for our future. This is part of the traditional Chinese belief, that kids are the best retirement plan. While I don’t foresee myself needing Mini’s financial support, love, nurture, support reciprocated from my daughter certainly softens my fears for the unknown future.

Mini Wise Money said: “How much money will I make when I give kitty [Citi] bank my money?”

–4 year old MWM asked DWM after depositing her piggy bank money into her first bank account at Citibank.

Dr. Wise Money learned: Every investor should ask how much return he/she is getting from lending his/her money no matter who they are lending to.

little ms santa claus

Mini Wise Money said: “I want to buy a part of Toyota, so they can work and make money for me.”

–7 year old MWM, when asked about what she wanted to do with her Christmas gift money from Grandpa.

Dr. Wise Money learned: A gift that keeps on giving is an asset. A gift that depreciates and takes money out of our pockets to maintain is a liability. To build wealth, we buy assets, not liabilities.

Mini Wise Money said: “They are so poor that the only thing they have is money.”

–8 year old MWM, when talking about rich people who are mean to others.

Dr. Wise Money learned: Money is a tool, not a purpose. If we gain the whole world’s wealth but lose our touch with humanity, we are the most destitute of all.


Mini Wise Money said: “Why would I buy a gift that anyone could buy my friend for $40 dollars when I could make one that’s so much better and cost me $2?”

–8 year old MWM, when making a gorgeous tie-dye shirt and DIY cell phone case for her best friend.

Dr. Wise Money learned: Creating is much cooler than consuming. Letting our minds reign free and express ourselves not only is healthy for our wallet but truly great for our minds!

Mini Wise Money said: “Mommy, you are the poorest [in a numeric sense], hardest working poor [in a overall, less tangible sense] person I know.”

–7 year old MWM started checking out other parents’ financial status against that of Dr. Wise Money and concludes that DWM works disproportionate amount of hours (hours not available to entertain MWM) for the little amount of money she seems to have as an intern.

Dr. Wise Money was reminded & shared with MWM: “Money isn’t everything. Mommy chooses to be a doctor because I love this job. It’s a privilege to save someone’s life, even if it’s just once in a blue moon. If mommy wanted to make money and that’s my only goal, I would have been a billionaire by now instead of borrowing money from you to pay my high interest student loans.”

Mini Wise Money said: “Kids are expensive. If it weren’t for me, you would have been really rich and would not be wearing socks and shoes with holes in them.”

–8 year old MWM said quietly after joking around with DWM and taking a picture of her socks with holes at the doctor’s office.

Dr. Wise Money was reminded & shared with MWM: “The reason I work so hard and wear things with holes in them is because I have a greater purpose in life than decorating myself. It’s to provide you, the most precious person in my life, with opportunities to better yourself and to expand your mind. I would not trade the whole world’s treasure for one day not being your mom.”

Lots of snuggling is healthy for our souls.

Mini Wise Money said: “I’d give all my money to keep Lola [A dog we rescued from the streets who became part of our family.]”

–8 year old MWM said about her dog when we were discussing giving Lola away.

Dr. Wise Money learned: Those we identify as worth all our money, especially when “all our money” is perceived as a fortune subjectively, are what we should spend our time on. Instead of spending more time to make more money.

Mini Wise Money said: “Mommy, don’t be scared of monies. I am here. [MWM gave DWM a hug.] Don’t be scared of monies.”

— Toddler MWM comforted DWM, who seemed distraught on the phone, talking about the expensive medical school she was about to start.

Dr. Wise Money learned: My financial & personal successes today have been largely driven by fear. Mini taught me not to be fearful and enslaved by money. Constantly reminding myself what she said as 2 year old has been a grounding force for me. The instances, though rarer than I would like, when I labor in love, rather than fear, I find myself much more successful and efficient.

MWM is happy and loving. IMG_6865

Mini Wise Money said: “Even though I didn’t get on stage for lots trophies, I was so happy that daddy and you were at my graduation!”

— 5-year-old MWM commented on her kindergarten graduation ceremony.

Dr. Wise Money learned: Love is the greatest achievement that never peaks out or peters off.


Top 10 Lessons Mini Wise $ Taught Me About $
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  • June 2, 2016 at 7:15 pm

    Those are some very wise lessons from someone so young. She has a good handle on life already it seems. Can definitely tell she has some good teachers!

    • June 2, 2016 at 8:49 pm

      that’s really kind of you. she’s taught me way more than i have taught her. she indeed has had some wonderful teachers and family members 🙂 i believe this is true of all kids and the adults around them. kids are so real, so simplistic (not simple-minded), so open, and see things with clarity of mind. i would have been a hot mess if it weren’t for Mini focusing my energy somewhat. thx for dropping by DWM.

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