My life is small tale that people won’t know
Because my life is a thing that I can not say
My life is a thing that I can not write
My life is me, myself, & I
And that will not change for a thousands of years
Because I am I and I will always be here
My life is thing that will always live
My life is a thing that brings me joy & happiness & all the things I cherish in life
My family, my friends they still don’t know me
They know my face
They know my voice
But they will never know my life
Because my life is mine & mine only
They have their own to discover & write
For my life is for me
You have one too
Now go & find your life
You exist, you can breath
You were given your life for a reason
And always remember that just because you haven’t yet found it
Doesn’t mean you will never find it
And never say never
And never get mad at yourself
You use it or you lose it
You have a choice its up to you
Now bye that’s all I’ve got
You can do it if I can too
My Life by Mini
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