Chinese proverb says, “Grandfather dies of hunger, father dies of exhaustion, son dies of decadence.” What pitiful progression of generations.


I’d venture to say that most attending doctors have children who pretty much have everything their heart desire at their fingertips. For those who are still in training, residents and fellows or even medical students, many promise their loved ones lots of material comfort and indulgence down the road.


Let’s stop and think about this. Is having more making us happier and healthier? Do a google search. The list of study is extensive, evidence staggering.

google search-wealthy depressed

The key is to how to stay healthy and happy as we get richer, not to get rich so that we can become happy and healthy.


I still fondly remember the last few days of summer vacation before I start college at UC Berkeley, all of my belongings fit into the trunk of a small Japanese car. My family drove me up to Berkeley. I felt like I was on top of the world, sky was the limit. I was light on feet, not be laden with possessions, but filled with ideals and ideas.


  1. We lose sight of what’s important.

When I upgrade from 2 bedrooms to 4 bedroom house, lots of discussion, time, and energy was spent on the possible combination of uses of 4 bedrooms. Thinking back on it, so trivial. I could have went for multiple hikes with Mini Wise Money, or write innumerable posts with that time and energy.


  1. We waste time on stuff.

I always tell Mini. Spend time on things with souls, things that teach us lessons and expand our horizons. Don’t waste time tinkering with lifeless, loveless material objects.


  1. We lose time with people we love.

As we allow our riches to possess us, we get so caught up in the numbers, performance, appearance of owning stuff. We think about, calculate and project, constantly seeking ways to maximize wealth building. The one equalizer between Bill Gates and you is 24 hours in a day.


Let money make money for you. Once you do the homework, set up your simple DIY personal finance, let it auto-pilot with periodic checks, don’t lose time to frequent, compulsive, inconsequential checks (i.e. if you are not acting on the market correction by selling, why even check on market corrections?).


  1. We are stressed out.

Nothing wrong with possessing riches. Everything wrong with riches possessing you. The former leads to freedom and greater success, the latter to enslavement and stagnation.


A great saying goes, “when wealth is lost, nothing is lost; health is lost, something is lost; character is lost, everything is lost.”


Let’s not become stressed out, mean people because we own too much.


  1. We are paralyzed.

Choices are paralyzing. When you can afford “nearly” anything under the sun, the array of possibilities in material possessions and comforts is dazzling. Beneath the shining surface of glamour of choice, lies the crouching lion devouring your soul, trapping you in paralysis rather than liberation.

When you get to the point money is no object, you can have anything money can buy, find ways to quickly limit your options. Then you will find yourself truly free, beyond financial independence.

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5 Ways Having More Harms Us
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2 thoughts on “5 Ways Having More Harms Us

  • November 14, 2016 at 1:36 pm

    I couldn’t agree more. I used to waste so much time and energy (and especially money!) on material things looking for other peoples’ approval. I looked for short term happiness only to let my self down in the long term. I’m so happy I have shifted my focus to things that really matter such as building relationships and spending time with family.


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