…I found video games
Quarantine or not, Clint speaks the timeless truth
Again, truth, bigly.
In other SV news, shame on Marnie for seeking to profit from animal exploitation
Additionally, Leah is my girlfriend now. We’re going to get married and I’m going to build a nursery (even though it costs 50k, Dual Income No Kids Cool Plant Parent Lesbians Realness, y’all don’t @ me) and just put plants in it.
Lastly, I keep giving Linus bug meat and sap to antagonize him because every time he finds me passed out from exhaustion he claims that he scared off my attacker. Said “attacker” always takes my money and stuff from my backpack. Cool story, Linus, I know it was you.

This is also a summary of what I have been up to besides disinfecting high touch surfaces and general cleaning.

Stardew Valley: a collection of moods
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