I meant to write this post earlier, but as I’ve procrastinated for such a long time we’re now fully living in the “holiday shopping season” so we just have to get basic here. Numbered lists are our friends.

1. Re-gifting is OKAY.

Repurposing a gift is just that: giving a present a new purpose. As long as you give it the same way you would a brand new, just bought present, that is, with greatest possible consideration for how the item fits into the life of the person you’re giving it to, then you’re golden. We should recognize that for all of our trying, often times another person gets it wrong about us, sometimes we even get it wrong about ourselves, and something we or they thought belongs in our lives, really doesn’t. If it fits better with another person, that’s where it ideally should go.

2. No shame in CASH game.

If you have money to spare for someone you know who can truly benefit, why should any party involved feel badly about that? If everyone you know has enough, donate in someone else’s name!

3. Like money, you can spend TIME.

A gift that costs your time is at least just as valid as one that cost your money. “Gift ideas” and “guides” are purely advertisements. There are no advertisements for homemade presents or time spent together doing something fulfilling and meaningful, because if everyone prioritized gifting loved ones our time, companies wouldn’t make money.


That’s all I wanted to share, now go and bask in the holiday spirit, squirrel friends.

Holiday Gifting – Ground Rules
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