[Whoa! I missed TWO Poetry Ptuesday. Guys, my bad! Here’s a fun one though.]


All Those Gold Leaves by Anis Mojgani

My piano coat unbuttoned

and all my pianos fell into the leaves.

I was picking up pianos for hours

when you walked past

your skin glowed like a loud dog.

In your smile this dog had a fence

to push his face up against.

What happiness he barked.

With pianos filling my arms

I followed through the neighborhood

and up onto the dark green porch of your home.

I stood in the doorway

and because they wouldn’t fit through the frame

I laid the pianos in piles outside.

You led me up the stairs into your room.

All our robbers were asleep

in a different part of the house.

We lay in your bed like cash bills after a heist

and listened hard

to hear if the pianos

had been playing the whole time.

This happened in the fall.


[Mojgani is a spoken word poet based out of Portland Oregon, and born in New Orleans, Louisiana, coincidentally two of my favorite cities in the United States.]


Happy Wednesday, kids.

Poetry Ptuesday: All Those Gold Leaves by Anis Mojgani
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