Alleman witnessed the Gettysburg Battle first hand at age 15. Twenty-five years later she wrote down her recollection of those bloody days of war. This is how she introduced her account.



“I therefore pen these lines, and deem it unnecessary to make any further apology.”


Mad respect, Tillie is a boss!


Later in her account, she wrote: “Let those disposed to cavil and doubt […] forever cease, for what I have written is correct.”


She is not messing around!


I bought a copy of her work when we visited The Shriver House in Gettysburg with Mini. After I finished reading it, I highlighted words that I thought might present a challenge, wrote in their definitions, and sent the annotated copy on to Mini.


I hope one day Mini and I will both have the kind of assertive, confident and self-assured voice that Tillie had!



Motivational Monday – Tillie Pierce Alleman

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