I recently started writing for Physician’s Money Digest.

It has been great fun, reaching so many doctors/ aspiring doctors on such a reputable discussion forum.


An awesome bonus is every unique reader/visitor of any one of my articles on PMD generates a small payment, on which after I pay taxes, I’m contributing to Mini’s 529 college savings.


Mini has always be a loving & giving kid, even before she could talk. She was 6 months old here, feeding her grandma seaweed in her little clutch, at a tender age when she prefers to use her hand over a spoon.


I’m currently publishing Wednesdays and Fridays, 2 articles a week. I may slow down the frequency to once a week As my wise radiology residency program director Dr. G told me, “people don’t want to read that much. Publish less frequently, and people will be more eager to read your articles.”


If you know Mini or like Mini from learning about her on this blog, help contribute to her college fund by reading my fun/informative PMD articles.

Once you click on the article link, you can read as much or as little of the article.

If somehow debt terminator or making $400/hr being your own boss bores you to tears, you can just click and share without reading at all.


Your clicking & sharing will help a young aspiring artist, Mini Wise Money, pursue her dreams and aspirations. This is Mini’s version of Jackson Pollock. She plans to Jackson Pollock her room ceiling this year.


Thank you so much for your support. Please click and share away!

Here you can find all the articles by Dr. Wise Money on Physician’s Money Digest. 

Thanks to you all, my articles have made the top 5 favorite the first and 2nd weeks I published on PMD. Let’s keep the awesome trend going.


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