[DWM: I decided to start the “Be Your Own Boss” series after getting lots of positive feedback on a post I recently wrote about my entrepreneur journey to running my tutoring business exactly how I want it and making $388/hr. This series will be mostly composed of individual guest posts, where every day people like you and me create or seize an opportunity to make their work exactly how they want it. First off, we will start with my co-worker at Banner University Medical Center, Ruth. Here’s her story. We have no financial relationship.]


My name is Ruth, and this is my story.  I am a Registered nurse in Tucson, Arizona.  I am a wife and a mother to three beautiful children:  Zachary (12), Madeline (4), and Jacob (17 months).  I am on an incredible journey to be my own boss and have financial freedom for my family.  I cannot be happier with this decision.

First a little about my background.  I started out working job to job, finding little satisfaction, until I owned my own business as a licensed Massage Therapist in Washington state.  I had my fair share of other jobs such as selling shoes, working fast food, working as an ER coordinator, packaging caviar in Alaska and even bartending.  Eventually I ended up going to school and becoming a licensed Massage Therapist. I was able to partner with other massage therapists, setting our own schedules and gaining a large clientele.

After owning this business for almost 5 years I gave up my dream of being my own boss to move across country with my husband and our oldest son to Georgia for my husband’s career.  At this point it was very difficult to start over a massage business from the ground up, getting a new state license, all of the transfer fees, and building a clientele all over again.  My husband supported me going back to school to achieve my BSN from the University of South Carolina Aiken.  With this education, doors would be opened for my family.

For my husband, with his career as a swim coach, moving is almost a guarantee.  Being a registered nurse allowed me to change from state to state and get a job almost anywhere I can imagine, unlike a massage therapist.  This career change for me and my family was tremendous.  I worked in an emergency room at a Level I Trauma Center in Augusta, Georgia.  The friendships and connections were great that I had.  My husband then ended up getting a job opportunity at The University of Arizona.

With the degree and experience I had, I was able to transfer into the float pool at Banner UMC, formerly known as University of Arizona Health Network.  I worked in the ER, Cath lab and Interventional Radiology.  Although, these opportunities have been amazing for me, I was not satisfied.  Going from owning my own business, setting my own hours, deciding my income, being able to spend time with my kids and husband, to being on a schedule, less time with my family and being capped on income potential.


I know there is so much more out there for myself, my family, and anybody else who wants to achieve more. After having our second child, my goals changed and I now wanted to be able to spend more time with my family and obtain financial freedom.  Then came the birth of our third child, and the desire to be home more, and to tend to all of his health needs burned deep within my soul.  There is only so much PTO that a person can accrue, or points given for calling in sick due to a sick child at home, before getting written up or fired.  This is definitely a downfall of not working for yourself.  Having someone else enjoy the critical steps, milestones and joy that comes from a child you gave birth to.

I want to enjoy all of these wonderful milestones and not miss out on spending time with them, or being able to help out in their classrooms. I have desire of not being confined to one place, being able to work from home, on the road, or on vacation.  I also have the desire to have my family in the center of my life and work my business around their schedule, and with them.  Even my oldest boy wants to help his mom out with the social media end of the business.  This day and age we almost need to take out a mortgage in order to pay for our kid’s college education.  I want to be able to put money in their bank account so they do not need to worry about working and receiving an education.  I would like each of them to focus on their studies.

This leaves me with the business I have chosen, after four months of research. This is the one, and only, company I have ever become a part of, Rodan + Fields.  With the support of my husband, the determination to succeed for my family, and knowing that the products are beyond anything I have experienced, I knew this was a company I needed to be a part of.  I did not see one red flag with this company, Rodan + Fields.  The two woman dermatologists from Stanford created the product, that everyone knows…Proactiv.  Then ended up moving their business from high end retail department stores, such as Este Lauder, into direct marketing in 2008 due to the direction the world is heading, word of mouth and social media.  If someone likes a product they will tell their friends, or even put it on social media.  There is $2.9 billion dollars spent each year on skincare products designed to reduce the signs of aging.  I am sure that each and every one of your reading this have had a facial, spent money on skincare products, or knows someone who has.


This is a business for yourself, to be your own boss and create your own schedule.  All along the way you can experience healthier, younger-looking skin, save money by not needing to go to the dermatologist office, long wait times and no more expensive facials!  You have all the tools you need.  You can also collect monthly commissions for personal and team product sales, earn rewards for reaching milestones along with your #RFJourney, never by yourself.

We are the writers of our destiny.  What is your path and journey that you want to write to get the results of your dreams?  Begin today for tomorrow’s future.  Create your happiness.  I know I have begun on my incredible journey for my family and to work for myself.  Financial freedom is in our future.  I would love to hear from you, your success, goals and dreams.  Check out my website and begin your path to freedom and beautiful, younger looking skin!




Beautiful Mom of 3 & Her Own Boss
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