As some of my readers are justly nervous about paying off or down their student loan with credit card offers, there is finally a safe and sound alternative to letting the monstrous interest rate of 5-9% compound throughout pre-attending years.

I just learned that DRB has rolled out a new program to allow residents and fellows to refinance their student loans to a lower interest rate. This program is quite amazing. In fact, if this program were available last year, I would have refinanced my 6.8% student loan with DRB in a heart beat. I did apply for refi with DRB back then but could not qualify because they only had programs geared towards attending physicians with income 5x of my internship income.

Here’a  flyer for the DRB refi program.

DRB Resident Fellow Student Loan Refinance Program

For more details and case studies, check out this short and sweet power point presentation.

DRB Cases and Details

If you apply to refinance your student loan via this link, you will get a $300 bonus (yes you get $300 bonus; I asked DRB to increase it!) when your loan closes. I will also get a referral fee. As refinancing your student loan saves you 10’s of 1000’s of dollars in interest, you will also support DWM.

You can also read about what white coat investor has to say about refinancing your student loan in residency. 

Bottom line is, if you are at all concerned about whether you’d be able to get a 503 EMPLOYEE (not just contractor) job in order to qualify for PSLF, refinance your 7% student loans to 2%, the sooner you do so, the more you save.

  • Do you want to pay your loan off rapidly or wait for PSLF? why and why not?
  • Have you look into the 503 employee jobs available in your field? What are the chances you can get such a job right out of residency?
  • Do you know 40% of our peers are counting on PSLF? Do you think there are 40% 503 employee job across the board in medicine?
  • Do you see any down side to lowering your interest rate now OTHER THAN, not being able to go for PSLF?

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Refinance your student loans with DRB now and save interest throughout residency.

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