How can I possibly save more?

Yesterday (wrote this a few weeks ago) was my first day of Radiology. I was beyond excited to meet very friendly, intelligent people who are passionate about teaching and learning radiology. My cohort, class of 2019 includes 7 guys and

Prevention is the Best Medicine

Prevention is the Best Medicine

  Yes, it is possible to pay off 400k of student debt aggressively by living like a resident for 5-years after you finish training and make attending level paychecks. But minimizing taking out student loans in the first place will

PSLF is a trap for the wishful.

Some of my friends are going for loan forgiveness. They owe 300-400k at graduation, and will probably owe about 450-600k when they finish residency. They opt to let their debt grow with the 7% interest with hopes of have this debt

Medscape report II

Paying off Student Loans by Age Group “It is not surprising that the percentage of school debt falls steadily with age. According to the AAMC, medical school debt has increased by 6.3% since 1992 compared with a 2.5% increase in

What to do with 80k?

What would you do with 80k cash flow over 2 years? Pay down/off student loan? Buy your first home? Buy a second home? Pay off credit cards? Max out ROTH space? Max out pre-tax retirement savings? Buy term life insurance?

Debt free and Debt leverage

This series of posts is sparked by an ongoing conversation with my fellow radiology resident Bo Liu (no relation to me) of Re: student debt management and net worth accumulation. Our discussions cover many bases, so I will address individual key points in separate posts.  

Awesome ways people have paid for their education

Since I started this site, many have shared with me ways that they have paid for their med school. I’ve asked a few people to write their success stories as guest posts, hopefully they will get on it and send

Residency: The financial bitter-sweet spot

Many of my colleagues see residency as the hardest financial years because student debt of 300-400k is compounding away at 6-9% annual income is about 50k-70k depending post-graduate-year work hours are long: 80+hrs/wk there is no money, after monthly expenses, to

#1 Financial rule I lived by in med school

  Minimize and delay borrowing student loans as much as possible Goes without saying, the more you delay the onset of loan origination and associated fees, the more you delay interest ballooning. Time value of money is against as when someone

Do it right; so you need No forgiveness-Part II

5 reasons I manage debt actively instead of hoping for forgiveness in 20 years.   Getting forgiveness is a hassle (each year you have to reapply for it. Rules and disclaimers are bound to change.) The projected forgiveness amount is the

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