Tax-Sheltered Savings Beyond 401k, Roth IRA, & 529-Expert Sessions with Johanna Fox CPA,CPF,RLP

It was a pleasure to have “sat” with Johanna Fox CPA,CPF,RLP this early Saturday morning (via face time, in the comforts of our respective home offices.) As I need more tax-efficient space to save money beyond (my Roth IRA, Roth

Q&A with Dr. Unger M.D. Radiologist-Inventor-Entrepreneur

I’ve had the honor and pleasure to interview Dr. Unger M.D., an outstanding research radiologist-inventor-entrepreneur after destroying the long list of study on ultrasound service. He has a wonderful wife, 4 successful children, 3 companies, and over 113 issued US


Q17. I tried to reapply online but I couldn’t b/c I was already rejected with $0 income input on my previous application.   A17. Definitely call DRB tomorrow and have them manually change your income so that your application will


You can read Meet PETE here. You can read PETE  Q&A PT 1 here.  FYI, with my current 228k fed loan, my daily interest dollars are $33, which makes it $1,000 interest accruing monthly, roughly. [when you graduate, the interest you


Recently a reader reached out to me for custom advice. I am always glad to help whenever I can, and so although our discussion was tailored for his unique situation, I thought I would share it here to potentially benefit

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