1. Use credit cards.

Credit cards save me time. I don’t carry or count any cash. I know down to the penny (if I’d like) where my money goes because it’s all charged on 1 credit card.

Credit cards save me $. I get to buy 4k of grocery gift cards at once, taking advantage of the once a year 90 cents on the dollar purchase of Sprouts Farmer’s Market gift card. I don’t 4k of cash, my credit limit allows me to do things I can’t do otherwise.

Credit cards gives me cash! I got 20% cash back from discover card for a 4k purchase. That’s $800. Not a small chunk of money, especially given that I did no work but to buy what I needed anyways….

  1. Stop repeating yourself. YouTube it.

Have you found yourself constantly being consulted or sought after for advice/guidance in a particular subject? I do. I’m sure you do too. You are a doctor! How about saying it ONCE and say it perfectly with a script, recorded as YouTube videos. Refer your patients, friends, and dear family members to the videos!

These videos will make you $ in 2 ways, one save you time (time is $, yet $ can’t buy back your time in repeating yourself the millionth time), and secondly each view of your YouTube video generates I think about 1/1000-1/10000 dollars.

I love to help others, but it is not fun or productive to say the same thing over and over to different people. Kindly refer them to the comprehensive and thorough videos you make. Free yourself to relax, be with your loved ones, pick up a new hobby, anything!

  1. Replicate yourself. Blog it. Publish it on PMD!

Similar idea as YouTube. If you more introverted, just blog your experiences. You’d be amazed how many people find your journey, your trials and tribulations helpful to their own journey. Millions of people can benefit from one post you write, which may only take you a few hours. Not to mention once you’ve served numerous readers, advertisers and sponsors come knocking at your door, offering to pay you for spaces on your website!

  1. Write a book.

This is super simple once you started blogging. Compile your best posts and link them logically with a good flow. Walla you got a book! That’s who White Coat Investor got his best-selling book that generated him 100s of 1000s of dollars while he wasn’t lifting a finger (once the book is published).

  1. Spend less.

It’s true a penny saved is 2 pennies made/earned. I’d venture to add that, a penny saved is a million made. Anything you save and mindfully manage by investing passively with patience and discipline, will follow the rule of 72 and double, quadruple, and octal in due time.

One penny today, if it double every day, at the end of a month of 30 days, will be worth ~ 5 million. That’s why I say a penny saved is a million made!

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5 Ways Busy Docs Make Easy $
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