1. Make and drink organic fruit/veggie/seeds smoothie.

Daily organic smoothie is way cheaper than Starbucks Latte and does incredible things for your bowels, energy, and health.


  1. Cook at home.

Cooking with your spouse can be the start of a romantic date. Cooking with your kids is a great way to get them excited about eating healthy wholesome non-processed foods.

  1. Massage your spouse.

Talk about getting a work out and occasionally getting the reciprocated massage is an added bonus.

  1. Walk your dog.

Explore nature, your neighborhood with your curious dog is quite refreshing.


  1. Create something (with your kid).

Teach kids to create rather than consume: you are raising and wealthy entrepreneur rather than a poor consumer. It’s incredible that kids derive more joy from building a castle from cardboard boxes with their parents than getting a $400 Disney Princess castle.

MWM found a great youtube video teacher who taught her how to draw an eye :)
MWM found a great YouTube video teacher who taught her how to draw an eye 🙂 We started this together, after the initial challenge, MWM finished it on her own and enjoyed a wonderful send of fulfillment from tackling something new.
  1. Home Yoga with YouTube instructors.

Mindfulness on Yoga mat is useful for all aspects of life, from professional, psychological to financial. Staying fit saves a lot of money. For example, I fit perfectly into formal dresses purchased when I was 18. 14 years later, I did not have to upsize my wardrobe at all, saving me thousands of dollars easily annually.


7. Write.

Writing is a great way to process our experiences, reflect, learn, and solve problems. Not to mention if you submit your articles to forum like Physician’s Money Digest, where your articles become passive sources of income and great way to reach out and help others.

8. Read.

I’m the person who reads the least in our family from my parents, my sister, to my 8 year old kid. But I do notice reading 1-2 pages of a good book gives 5-10 ideas/solutions. I’m still reading Rich Dad and Poor Dad, and have applied what I learned from the book in innumerable ways already.

work to learn

  1. Use high quality meat as flavoring.

People say cut out meat from your diet. I love meat so much I can’t even though I know I’d live longer if I’m vegetarian. Then I realized I don’t really enjoy eating chunks of meat, in fact the most delicious part of a rack of baby-back rib is the bed of caramelized onions under the rack of ribs from the 3-5 hours of slow cooking. So 1 rib with lots of caramelized/rib flavored onions, with roasted vegetable medley on red quinoa and rice is not only heart healthy but also wallet friendly J Not to mention what you’d save from medical bills dealing with potential gout and CV disease if you eat chunks of meat rather than savoring it with lots of delicious, flavorful vegetables.

ribs 240
Brought these dishes to work for a weekend call. Everyone told me the caramelized onion was incredible, even better than the tender baby back rib with meat falling off the ribs.
  1. Watch good documentaries on Netflix.

Feed your brain and heart good foods like you feed your body. Since watching a movie is a passive pastime, make sure it is good quality, educational, and add to your life rather than leaving you empty, in want, tempted to consume more food or material objects. We love watching documentary about health, foods, education, parenting and sports. These documentaries inspire, empower, and uplift us. And it costs nearly nothing considering the Netflix subscription is $7.99/mo. (even cheaper if you split between households with multiple login names.)

11. Bonus:

Financially fit people are usually less stressed out and enjoy greater (heart) health. People with robust cardiovascular system, probably have better cerebral perfusion and make logical wallet friendly choices. See the positive feedback loop?


10 Heart & Wallet Healthy Habits
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