Ø  Serve 
You came this far, at the opportunity cost of becoming CEO’s of fortune 500 companies, to serve. Nothing else could drive a human being this far against all odds, facing all stressors from all dimensions of life: physical, psychological, spiritual, financial, you name it.

Find the most suitable job where you can make the greatest positive impact on the society. It will serve you well to serve. That’s what you have dreamed of doing all along.

Ø  Teach 
There’s nothing more rewarding than to share the lessons you’ve learned and have someone else avoid the pains and mistakes you had to struggle with. Our generation of doctors stood on the shoulder of the giants who came before us; it’s only befitting to lift up the next generation of docs following our footsteps. 

Ø  Lead
Get involved in politics. I hate politics. But I hate the fact that businessmen and lawyers make laws on regulating doctors. Doctors who know what serving our community via medicine truly entails, should be the ones making laws to improve healthcare, which should include healthy patients and healthy doctors.

Ø  Clone yourself
Other than teaching, you can clone yourself via social media such as YouTube. Record patient education in short videos where you can go into much more detail than your allotted 3 minute visit with each patient.

Ø  Work for yourself
As highly motivated, self-driving individuals, we do better when we can take charge. So if you don’t find “the job” that maximize your positive impact and service to your community, create a job for yourself, be your own boss. Identify the problem, you are the solution. Find the need, your skills and knowledge will satisfy it.

Ø  Publish
Find something you are interested in. Learn the limits of what have been done and made known. Ask a new question outside the boundary of established literature/known facts and do research to answer your new question.

The quest for new knowledge is incredibly rewarding for personal edification alone, not to mention advancing the collective knowledge of the human race. While you put your heart to this, your publication will bring you authority and more support all around. 

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