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You’ve become incredibly educated in your trade by going to school till 28th grade. Now get yourself financially literate as well. A little bit of knowledge and discipline in your finances will pay you beyond your imagination.
  1. You value education.
    • Have you ever heard that the best pay one can get is $0/hour? Since our time, due its limited nature, is worth infinite amount of dollars, why would making $0/hour be the best pay? It’s because when we use our time to learn, especially something as complex, intricate, and eye-opening as medicine, our minds expands in amazing and unpredictable ways. And our mind indeed is our greatest asset and will for all our lives– regardless of how old, frail, or even disabled physically we may be—make us money if we allow it to.
    • So kudos to you for paying $50k a year just so that you have the privilege to work your butt off for 80 hours/week, work and learn on every day that ends in day, as well as on short-staff holidays.
    • The fact that you are willing to go into 300k debt @ 7% interest rate does mean that you’ve got your priority straight! (This post help you terminate your educational debt.)
  2. You value human beings.
    • Each person’s greatest asset is his or her individual mind. The greatest asset of our society, is our collective minds. Since you value other human beings and your relationship with them, your innate focus in life is much more internal and meaningful than most of the external stuff that costs lots of money. Your tendency is probably to take a hike with a friend rather than window shopping the mall. Right? If I guessed right, you are not inclined to go spend money, instead of you love spending your time with people. Learning from, laughing with, and supporting those around you is awesome and mostly free. You can lead a rich life figuratively (with good friends and company) and literally (with maxed out retirement accounts, college funds, etc.)
  3. You value charity.
    • You love giving. You share your time, attention, care, nurturing, your most precious resource, your mind freely with your patients and colleagues. Those who give generously usually end up with plenty. Givers are usually planners. You are able to give because you have made room for and prioritize giving.
  4. You are disciplined and diligent.
    • If you are not, you’d have been one of those self-declared pre-med who became pre-something-else 2 weeks into general chemistry in college.
    • If you apply the discipline and diligence you master in academic and professional life to money matters, you will be a millionaire before you know/plan it.
  5. You have amazing work ethic or you are a genius.
    • Both are helpful to making you rich… goes without saying.
trained mind
Arthur of Rich Dad Poor Dad. As we do travel rotation at famous institutions to learn from the most esteemed physicians in our field of study/medical specialty, I recommend learning from great minds such as Kiyosaki in the world of financial wisdom.

Now take these 5 wonderful habits/traits into your money matters,

Better still read and avoid the 5 bad habits Bo wrote about.

Keep the good & rid the bad, you’d be prosperous beyond your wildest imagination.


You can do it!

5 Great ($) Habits You May Already Have to Become a Millionaire!
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