With the ability to retire by 2023, I started talking with Mini’s dad about family longer term vacation/exploration around the world after 2023. We both agreed that traveling around the world and learning from various cultures will enrich Mini’s life beyond conventional schooling. Since Mini’s started school 1 year younger and has always been the youngest in her class, we thought it would be nice give her an one year vacation after high school graduation (when she already know where she’s heading for college but can defer for a year.) Both Mini’s dad & I will take that year off to travel the world with Mini, most likely on a sailboat, not a plane or RV.

The thought of a family sabbatical in year 2024 after Mini gets accepted to college is incredible!

Mini has always been talented with relaxing and lounging with our dog Lola.


So I presented this high school graduation/college acceptance gift idea to Mini on our way driving home after dropping my dad off at the doctor’s. Mini was thrilled, but quickly proposed an alternate plan. Pensively, Mini said, “I kinda want to spread that fun year out. Remember about the mini-retirements that book [4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss], I want to do that… I want to have 4 breaks instead of 1 long one.” 


Lola has always been really tolerant when being used as a pillow.


Quite a thinker-outside-the-box, Mini has always been. As her mom, I tried to practice good parenting and always give her 2 options… Thing is she always comes with a 3rd that I’m not always prepared for 🙂 However, this time her proposal actually does work better. Mini wants 4 3-month-trip: 1 at elementary graduation (in 2 years), 1 at middle school graduation (in 4 years), 1 at high school graduation (in 8 years), 1 at college graduation (in 12 years), instead of the 1 year-long vacation when she’s 17. This will be her first taste of mini-retirement, and likely firsts for her dad and me.


Lola, our beloved dog (whom we rescued from the streets, not via a shelter, on the day of my 31st bday) will definitely come along for our family mini-retirement planed by Mini Wise Money.


Mini’s first destination is Hawaii.

Research she has done so far:

  • Price of a used sailboat: 12k
  • Distance between Tucson and Hawaii: 2,897 miles
  • Max speed of sailboat: 30.8 miles/hr
  • With the assistance of a calculator & assuming average 15.4 mi/hr: 16 days round trip Tucson to Hawaii
  • She plans to stay on Hawaii land for 3 days to explore.
  • Mini assigned 2lbs/meal for Dad, 1lb/meal for DWM/MWM/Lola each: 5 lbs of food per meal for the family
  • Total # of lbs of food for 19 days trip to Hawaii: 285 lbs of food (including 57 lbs of dog food for Lola)
  • Adults need 3L/day, Mini needs 1.5L/day, Lola needs 1L/day
  • Water distiller costs: $700



Planning in Mini’s own words:

“My Trip To The Hawaiian Islands

the whole trip is 2,897 miles from Tucson,AZ to The Hawaiian Islands.

the boat can go from 15. 4 mph-30.08 mph.

to go there and come back it could take 8-16 days.

we will be exploring/camping for 16 days so the trip would be 24-32 days.

we will need 537 lbs. of food and 8 liters of water a day all together.

89.5 pounds of it will be lola’s food (3 bags) and one liter of the 8 liters of water is hers.”


Definitely much more research & planning is necessary for our family mini-retirement, we will keep you posted!

But it’s a start! Mini’s spending her first day of summer vacation 2016, dreaming and planning away.

Researching and plugging number into her new best friend, calculator.

Allowing me to blog 🙂

Ways to fund our first family Mini-retirement:

  • Mini recently started a new business, in addition to her freelance artwork, and Walkie Dogie (pet care service).
    • She loves tie-dye and will start accepting orders after she returns from Shanghai in late July. Here are some of her work.
  • DWM will add to travel fund with summer camp (starting 2017) proceeds.
  • We will be asking family who showers Mini with gifts to donate to her mini-retirement fund instead.
  • We will run a couple fund raising such as Tie-Dye apparel sales, Cook off by Wise Money Gourmet.
  • DWM will donate 20% of DWM blog proceeds to this travel fund.
  • Got ideas for us to make this dream come true? Share below!



Mini with best friend modeling their own artwork at local bowling alley.
Mini also DIY different cuts from plane white cotton T shirts.


Mini wearing her Yoga Tie-Dye shirt and DIY stretchy phone case for her arm.


8-year-old Mini Starts Planning Mini-Retirements.
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