How can I possibly save more?

Yesterday (wrote this a few weeks ago) was my first day of Radiology. I was beyond excited to meet very friendly, intelligent people who are passionate about teaching and learning radiology. My cohort, class of 2019 includes 7 guys and

How to increase my savings rate to 50% and more?

Since I just started radiology and got a whooping 2k raise for 2015-2016, time to revisit my budget and see if I can save more efficiently. From my pgy2 income, not including my side job in tutoring, Monthly Pay$4,461.08 Federal

My American Dream Part II “Budgeting”

This post is reader-inspired. She wrote, “Would like to see a post to help with me with my American dream…on how to establish a monthly budget, and keep to it, in a way that is practical but not restrictive? seriously,

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