Christmas, a gift that keeps on giving!

Are you scratching your head for gift ideas? For most of us, we have everything we need. It is increasingly hard to come up with gifts that really add value to one’s life. Does my kid need yet another toy?

Employer Match! Great news for UA residents and fellows.

UA used to only match retirement contribution for attending physicians, but starting 7/1/2016 when Banner takes over UA residency, residents and fellows may now get 4% Banner employer match to their retirement accounts, specifically 401k pre-tax account. To get this

Net worth building steps in residency Part II

For the super savers, as you have managed to get your 4% employer match, max out your 18k annual contribution limit to 401k/403b, AND max out your 5.5k ROTH IRA. Here are some more steps you can take to build your

Net worth building steps in residency

As residents/ fellows, most of us student loans, personal loans, credit card debt, car payment, mortgage payments, our residency paychecks, potentially moonlighting/ side job income, and a future promising 4-6x of our current income. Since training is a significant chunk

What should I do? 350k @ 6.8% interest rate, 3 more years of training.

What should I do? 350k @ 6.8% interest rate, 3 more years of training.

I recently met a colleague in the surgical field, who’s in his 4th year of training, with 3 more years to go. His numbers may apply to many at the same level of training. I figure I can take this

How can I possibly save more?

Yesterday (wrote this a few weeks ago) was my first day of Radiology. I was beyond excited to meet very friendly, intelligent people who are passionate about teaching and learning radiology. My cohort, class of 2019 includes 7 guys and

What to do with 80k?

What would you do with 80k cash flow over 2 years? Pay down/off student loan? Buy your first home? Buy a second home? Pay off credit cards? Max out ROTH space? Max out pre-tax retirement savings? Buy term life insurance?

Best of Both Worlds: How to Truly Maximize Your Roth Funds

My mentor WCI, recently wrote a post “9 Ways to Expend Your Roth Space.” The link will lead you to his website/article. His advice regarding finances has always been fantastic, but I see a unsolved dilemma facing most people. IE, when you

DWM meets WCI (in person)

WCI (White Coat Investor) gave a lecture at our associated medical school today, geared towards residents and fellows. One very important question he asked the audience was along the line of “what percentage of your income do you plan to

Need motivation?

Need motivation to save more for retirement? Check this link out, “How does your retirement savings progress stack up?” For age 30-39 year old, the national stats are: Average Contribution Rate* 7% Average Account Balance $40,500   For age 30-39

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