My Debt is Better Than Hers: 5 Reasons Credit Card Debt Trumps Student Loans

1.       Are you kidding me? Look at the interest rate! First off the highest interest rate I have ever paid to a credit card company is 1.7%. In fact I have not paid a penny of interest other than that

My favorite credit cards!

There are as many credit card options as toothpaste flavors in the supermarket. The perks they offer, when you use them responsibly, can stretch your hard earned dollar and help you build net worth (pay off debt sooner/ leverage 0% interest

These credit card offers do exist!

Time to let credit card companies cut you some slack on the relentless high interest of your student loans (6.8-11%)! 10 best credit cards rated by Credit Karma I personally have used SLATE, freedom, and discover in the past; glad to

When 15 months of 0% interest rate run out…

Here is what I did next, Check my credit score (always, know where you are before you pounce) Apply for a card with good balance transfer offers (fee should not exceed 2-3% for 0% APR of 1 year) If you can

How credit card companies compete to save me interest on student loans :)

With my income of 50k as a medical intern, there is just NO WAY I can pay my student loan down as aggressively as I have been. I graduated from medical school with 51k of student loan. How in the world

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