Today I’m grateful for the movie The Farewell, which we watched for the first time!

I loved seeing conversations on screen that I have taken part in so many times in my life. I could relate to the main character, when immigrating as a child, feeling confused and lonely. I know the old men at weddings who talk about the war after a few rounds of baijiu. I know the grandma who say you’re not skinny but feeds you extra every meal anyway. And it was beautiful and reassuring to see them in a fictionalized setting, like our story is worth telling. I very much enjoyed the movie.

Not to mention, I freaking love Awkwafina, and I have since her YouTube rap days. Have you guys seen her in all her witty glory bumping with a sick beat? Well here it is.

She’s a good egg. The Farewell was a good movie. Today was a good day. Can’t wait for tomorrow, I think we’re getting vegan dim sum!

365 Days of Gratitude: Day 10, representation matters.
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